Text style transfer in a spreadsheet using Hugging Face Inference Endpoints


November 7, 2022



We change our conversational style from informal to formal speech. We often do this without thinking when talking to our friends compared to addressing a judge. Computers now have this capability! I use textual style transfer in this post to convert informal text to formal text. To make this easy to use, we do it in a spreadsheet.

Step 1

The first step is identifying an informal to formal text style model. Next, we deploy the model using Hugging Face Inference endpoints. Inference endpoints is a production-grade solution for model deployment.

Step 2

Let’s incorporate the endpoint into Google Sheets custom function to make the model easy to use.

I added the code to Google Sheets through the Apps Script extension. Grab it here as a gist. Once that is saved, you can use the new function as a formula. Now, I can use one simple command if I want to do textual style transfer!

Alt Text


I created a Youtube 🎥 video for a more detailed walkthrough.

Go try this out with your favorite model! For another example, check out the positive style textual model in a Tik Tok video.